24-Hour Food Coma

November 27, 2009

No, I did not go shopping today.  Instead of using my morning fighting with other shoppers for the newest hamster toy, I slept in until noon.  So far the first day of vegetarianism is going great (especially since I slept through half of it!).  The one and only hitch is that I am staying with my family for Thanksgiving and their house is not 100% veggie friendly.  But after a little digging, I managed to put some creative meals together for myself.

Breakfast started off at 8am with two slices of whole wheat toast  with some OJ

After that I fell back asleep on the living room floor for four hours  took a short refresher nap.  After waking up for reals at noon, I needed to kick start my day in a bad kind of way. I don’t usually sleep that much and I was feeling super groggy.  I jolted into action with 2 shots of espresso and a cup of non fat milk.

  It was already lunch time, and I was pretty hungry again so I scrounged around to find something that would be a veggie friendly lunch.  I ended up melting a couple of thin slices of cheddar cheese on a tortilla and filling it with half an avocado, Cholula sauce, romaine lettuce, and then topped it off with some balsamic vinegar.  It was REALLY yummy!

I may have had a handful of kettle chips too…these are my kryptonite and mom has them everywhere!

After helping mom and dad with Christmas decorations for an hour or so, my brother Scott and I took off for the Rock climbing gym.  Rock climbing is probably one of the best full body work outs that I have every experienced.  Plus, the adrenaline rush at the top is the best feeling ever! Scotty is 14 and just starting to get into the sport.  Today was his second day and he did awesome.  After about 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and 100 sit ups I met my brother in the bouldering cave and climbed for about 40 minutes.  At about 4pm our arms felt like they were going to fall off and our tummies were growling.

I’ve been promising to take my brother to this place in Sacramento called La Fiesta for quite some time now.  This place is famous for really good mexican food that is SUPER cheap.   This vegetarian Tamale plate is the most expensive thing on the menu at $12 and it fed both me and my brother.  I meant to order it with black beans so I gave the re-fried guys to Scotty.

Scotty really liked it!

At around 7 my family sat down for dinner.  I wasn’t too hungry, and good thing because they were having this…

So I had a little of this….

Where did the green go?

I’m off to Nicole’s house for Dessert and catch up time.  She works in L.A. so the last time we were able to see each other was in July  Can’t wait to see how she is doing.   My favorite part about the Holiday Season is seeing the friends that I grew up with. What is your favorite part of the Holidays?



3 Responses to “24-Hour Food Coma”

  1. Jamie Walker Says:

    Looks like a good day of leftovers…funny that your plate was all white with corn. What is that white stuff near the mashed taters?

  2. Good luck on vegging until New Year’s! Let me know if you need some Zola samples to get you through some of the hard days. 🙂

  3. Hey Jamie – the white stuff next to the taters is a roll. Not one grain left un refined in there! And Chris, yes, I would love to sample some Zola!

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