Tofurkey Time?

November 27, 2009

I’ve always been health and food conscious but I’ve never been a vegetarian.  In fact, I’ve always secretly poked fun at my vegetarian friends for missing out on chicken burritos, french dip sandwiches, and bacon wrapped anything.  But lately, I’ve hit a rut.  I’m running slower than I’ve ever run in years, my energy (and motivation) levels are at nearly zero, and the parts of my body that were firm last year are, well, not so firm.  So after shoveling that last heaping forkful of turkey in my mouth at Thanksgiving dinner today I made the sudden  decision to become a vegetarian on Black Friday and try to make it until New Year’s Day.

What do I hope to accomplish from this? Well besides some smug looks from my best girl friends (vegetarians), I hope to spice things up a bit.  I hope that this change in diet sparks the change that will boost my energy levels, get me running fast again, and firm up those soft spots.  I also hope to learn more about what goes into the food that I eat and really start making the best decisions about what I put in my body.

I’m writing this blog to hold myself accountable.  This will not be easy for me.  I love burgers, seafood, bacon, chicken, steak, the works! But if the whole world is watching/reading during my challenge, then I really can’t cheat when that juicy mushroom burger on sourdough with melted cheddar starts giving me the eat me eyes.

Happy Reading!


One Response to “Tofurkey Time?”

  1. Jamie Walker Says:

    YAY! So fun! Love the new blog. Bryan and I made a Tofurkey yesterday and it was delicious……even came with veggie gravey, Who knew??

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