2 Minute Breakfast Sammie

November 29, 2009

Today is the beginning of day three completely meat free!  Despite some pretty tempting moments, (waking up to the smell of dad making breakfast sausage, and mom making a big fragrant pot of chicken noodle soup) things have been going pretty well.  I noticed I’ve been craving protein.  Since I’m still up at the family’s house there isn’t really a selection of beans or soy.  However, there are eggs and peanut butter. 

Yesterday morning I made this fast egg sandwich.  I seriously am going to keep this little buddy in my arsenal of “runoutthedoor ohmygoshI’mlatefor work breakfast” ideas. Here is what you do:

Put two slices of whole wheat toast in the toaster.  While waiting for the toast to pop up crack two egg into a small bowl and whisk up until completely scrambled.

Put that bad boy bowl into the microwave on high for 2 minutes and 2 minutes only.  When the eggs are completely cooked, scoop the circle shaped egg mixture onto your toast.  I then added half an avocado, two slices of tomato, and some seasoned salt and hot sauce for flavor.  The finished product is delish and looks something like this…

If you are really in a hurry, you can wrap up all the ingredients into a whole wheat tortilla instead and walk right out the door after assembling!  This sandwich will keep you full for the whole morning! 

After digesting this baby for a couple of hours I went and ran 3 miles of intervals on the treadmill – and did great!  This was a fantastically sucessful run after a few dissapointing attempts this week.  I then cooled down by walking for 15 minutes while watching the end of America’s Next Top Model

I’m excited because today is Sunday and I will be driving back into town (home).  I plan to stop at Whole Foods and pick up some more veggie friendly foods. I’ve noticed I’ve been craving meaty things lately so I may pick up some morningstar burgers or chick’n nuggets.  Do any of you have any favorite fake meat products? WordPress tells me that you are reading, so leave a comment!


2 Responses to “2 Minute Breakfast Sammie”

  1. Matt Says:

    I really wish I liked eggs, because omelets and egg sandwiches always seem so much better than sweet breakfasts like pancakes, cereal, fruit and whatever else.

    You’ll probably notice the protein cravings go away once you adjust to not having it at every meal. It took me a while time to get out of that “square meal” mindset.

    Haven’t really gotten into many of the fake meats, but I hear Morningstar buffalo “chicken” wings are awesome!

  2. You are totally right. The protein cravings have gone away. I’ve find myself eating more veggies and whole grains than ever. I’m feeling great, and really getting into healthy cooking!

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