Best Weekend Ever!

December 13, 2009

After my cowboy themed company Christmas Party I woke up Saturday morning (sore from riding the mechanical bull) and ready to start a fabulous weekend of friends, food, and fabuloucity!

After running some errands I got in my X-terra drove off to the South Bay to visit my friends Lindsay and Jeff.  After getting lost about 3 times, and driving around for about 3 hours I was STARVING.  I grabbed some leftover cheese pizza from Lindsay’s house and scarfed it down!  Then Jeff bought me and Linsday some great Gelato.  After saying our goodbyes, I drove up north to San Mateo.  After seeing my friends Yelena and Chris, and their new house, we drove up to San Francisco to have dinner with our friends Jamie, Bryan and Sara. 

At Jamie’s suggestion, we chose NOPA for dinner.  I was excited because I had heard rave reviews about the place and really wanted to try it.  NOPA( is famous for making simple rustic dishes, using local and seasonal ingredients.  We didn’t have reservations, so a table for six was a two-hour wait.  We had a glass of red wine and noshed on some roasted squash with fried sage leaves and Giant white beans, with oregano, tomato, breadcrumbs and feta.  They were absolutely delish!

The service was so amazing. After sitting at the table the waiter directed all the vegetarians at the table to the Moroccan vegetable Tagine with Lemon Yogurt.  The dish was nothing I had ever tasted before.  It was dish that had garbanzo beans, broccoli, acorn squash, potato and kalmata olives in an amazing tomato sauce with a creamy, savory yogurt dolloped on top with a sprinkling of almonds.  The combination of flavors and textures was so exquisite!

The next morning I headed back into the city to have brunch with Sara.  Sara was my college roommate and the first vegetarian I ever met.  I used to always make fun of her for being a dirty vegetarian hippie… look at me!!!! Sara made this incredible omelet/scramble dish with leeks, zucchini, onion and mushroom.  We ate it with sprouted wheat toast and avocado on the side.

On my ride home from San Francisco, I couldnt stop thinking about the amazing dish that I had a NOPA, and the seasonal squash that I had for the appetizer.  I was so inspired that I pulled off the freeway at the Yolo Fruit Stand and picked up some tomatoes, acorn squash, and fingerling potatoes.  When I got home I went to work in the kitchen.

I started by slicing up the acorn squash and fingerling potatoes and laying them on baking sheet covered with olive oil.  I sprinkled the squash and potatoes with salt, garlic powder, pepper, dried basil, and brown sugar

After baking for about 2o minutes in a 400 degree oven, I put the cooked squash and potatoes into a cooking pan with a lid with 2 fresh chopped tomatoes, 1 can of fire roasted stewed tomatoes, and 2 sliced zucchini.  I put this mixture back into the over for about 10 more minutes with the lid on.

When it was all done, I served the mixture on top of salad with mixed greens, cucumber, feta cheese and almonds.  The mixture of warm and soft to cold and crunchy was such a fantastic combination……not quite as good as NOPA though!

I have a ton of leftovers, and I cannot wait to eat this again for lunch tomorrow. Did I mention that the pound of fingerling potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, and acorn squash cost me $7.50 at the fruit stand. So cheap!  Check out your local fruit stand or farmers market for fresh, cheap seasonal produce!


One Response to “Best Weekend Ever!”

  1. Jamie Walker Says:

    That looks delicious. I may have to give that one a try. 🙂 Sara’s omelet looks fab too!

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