CIM Re-cap

December 13, 2009

Last Sunday I ran the California International Marathon relay and it was an absolutely fabulous experience.  I was planning to run the second leg, which was about 7.6 miles.  The weeks prior to the race, I was experiencing some pretty significant lower back pain on my runs – which only got worse the longer my run became.  So I did a little bit of re arranging with my team members and was able to run the fourth and shortest leg of the relay which is about 5.6 miles.

Our all-girl team, the Maple Leaves, were really trying hard to beat our all guy counter parts, The Rakes.  I was determined to have a good run, prove to the world that the all veggie lifestyle was making a difference. 

Since I was running the last leg of the race, I got to sleep in a little bit.  The race started in Folsom at 7am but  I didn’t have to meet the shuttle until 7:30 am and the meeting point was only about 15 blocks away from my house.  To fuel up in the morning I had a sample sized Clif Bar and a Myoplex chocolate shake that I got at the Expo.  I got all this other free stuff too!

 I stepped out of my house in my long sleeve t-shirt and spandex pants at about 6:50 am to start my warm up jog to the shuttle line.  After taking one step out the door I immediately ran back in the house to put another layer of clothes on.  Little did I know it was 28 DEGREES outside.  It was FREEZING!

The ride to the exchange point was uneventful.  I stayed in the bus for as long as possible, but when I saw the police escort a few hundred meters up the way leading the front-runners of the marathon I came out to watch.  The energy of the race was amazing, so I stayed out and watched the race go by.  My friend running the relay is VERY fast.  So I took off my sweats as soon as the first relay runners started coming in.  I wish I had a picture to show you, but I kept my hat and my gloves on (these things are not running gear at all. They are both knit wool and dorky looking, but it was so cold I decided to keep them on.

My friend finally came through and I was off.  It was so cold that it was really hard to keep my legs going, the air burned my lungs and I didn’t feel like I was getting the maximum amount of air in.  Despite these setbacks, the crowd really kept me going.  I saw I few people who I knew, and I also had fun by giving high fives to a few strangers. I was also really inspired by watching the full marathon runners. 

The last mile, running to the state capitol was so energizing.  The streets were packed with people screaming and cheering everyone on.  It was so much fun.  Because I left my silly beanie and gloves on, my team didn’t recognized me when I crossed the finish line.  The crowd at the end was so huge that I still couldn’t find my team so I stayed and waited around…….One hour, no sweat bag, and no team later I checked  team’s posted time 3:35!!!! Not too shabby!  We didn’t beat the rakes, they were a good 25 minutes ahead of us before I even started my leg.  Those boys!!!!  I headed home after the truck with my sweats arrived and spent the rest of my day being a total lazy bum!

This experience has re-lit my fire to run a full marathon!!!


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