I like the Fruit, but not the Fat

March 4, 2010

After making the grand journey to Portland, my cupboard was quite bare.  And since I’m only doing walking trips to and from the grocery store (It’s only 3 blocks away, I have some issues with driving there).  So when Galaxy Granola sent me some delish samples to try, I was more than excited to add some food to my house. 

The only problem: No milk.

How does one properly review granola with no milk? 

Solution: Galaxy Granola-meal.


1 serving galaxy granola

¼ cup water

½ banana

 1 tbs all natural peanut butter.

Add water to the granola in a microwave safe dish and nuke for 45 seconds.  Then add pb and banana and stir.  I really liked it, and it’s the perfect for cold, dreary, Portland mornings. 

 Galaxy sent me three samples of their low fat, fruit based granola (They use applesauce instead of oil).  I really enjoyed the vanilla almond and orange cranberry (OK, I couldn’t keep my hands of the vanilla almond), but I thought the not sweet vanilla was just ho hum. On the whole, I would say try this, it’s good!  Plus, you’re keeping yourself away from all the fat and un-natural ingredients found in other brands of granola, and really able to say you’re “kinda granola”.


One Response to “I like the Fruit, but not the Fat”

  1. Jamie Walker Says:

    so glad you like the Galaxy Granola – now you gots to try the cacao tea girrrrlllll… 🙂

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