May 22, 2011

My black Friday vegetarian project ended on January 1, 2010.  Since then, I moved to Portland and had every intention of continuing on with this blog.  However, shortly after moving to Portland, I started eating meat again.  I felt like a fraud writing a blog with the word “vegetarian” in it while slurping down clam chowder and oysters on the half shell. Therefore, my postings became few and far between and eventually my blogging subsided.

But my little vegetarian experiment wasn’t a complete loss.  Going completely veggie for months at a time made me more conscious about exactly what I was eating.  When I cut out the meat, I ended up eating more vegetables and fruit.  I’ve incorporated this habit into my eating regime now that I’m omnivorous again.  I also eat less meat.  In fact, when I am cooking at home, I almost always cook vegetarian meals. When I do eat meat, it is usually while eating out or on special occasions.  Now that I’m back to eating meat, I also am more conscious about the source of my meat.  In most cases, I try to eat meats that are local and humanely raised.

I want to continue writing about my food adventures in Portland even though I am technically omnivourous again. Therefore, this blog is changing a bit and instead of vegetarian blog, it is now a blog about good food and my life in Portland.

So to honor the new direction here are a few of my Portland favorites:

Farm Fresh Eggs

I used to buy the cheapest eggs that I could find at the grocery store, but after getting a little more socially conscious I bought only organic.  Now, after going veggie and living in Portland for a year I only buy local, free range, organic eggs. Lots of people keep chickens in the greater Portland area, so fresh eggs are easy to come by. When I can’t buy farmers market eggs, I buy eggs from Phoenix’s Egg Farm.  They are farm fresh and taste amazing.  And look, blue eggs!

Fresh Urban Herb Garden

Cooking with fresh herbs is delightful, but can also get expensive.  Now that spring has sprung, I planted this little garden on my balcony.  Spicy basil, sweet basil, Italian parsley, and chives are now only six steps away from my kitchen.  The sweet basil is having a rough time though 😦

Amazing Restaurants

My boyfriend Ben and I love to eat out and Portland is an amazing town for foodies. The last restaurant we checked out was Clyde Common.  Clyde Common is a European style  tavern in downtown Portland that uses locally sourced ingredients in their menu.  I feel good knowing that what comes out on my plate is “happy” food.  Check out our appetizer of broccoli raabe with salted pistachios, Clyde Common ham, and a Scotch egg on top. My main course was arugula papardelle with beef sauce and goat cheese, while Ben had a shoulder of lamb with peas, mushrooms and orzo pasta. So delish.


Food, wine, and beer festivals are commonplace in Portland.  Whenever the price is right, I love to attend and try something new.  The last one we attended was the Astoria (remember the movie Goonies?)  Food and Wine festival.  Willapa Bay Oysters and Oregon Pinot Noir…amazing!

The View

How can you not love this city?

What is your favorite food location in your home city?


One Response to “Changes”

  1. Alexis Says:

    I love the direction of your blog 🙂 and the eggs look delicious!

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