My Affair With the Farmer’s Market

September 4, 2011

I have a confession.  I’m in love with the farmer’s market.  It started as a fling.  Every now and then when I was in town on Saturday, I would stop in with twenty dollars and buy some fruit and a few veggies for the week.  But this summer, my tryst turned into an all out affair.  Every weekend, and now even sometimes at lunch on Wednesdays, I go and stock up on fresh produce, artisan cheeses, farm fresh eggs, and other delicious local food products.  With my cloth bags overflowing I ride home on the street car and think about what delicious creations I am going to make in the week to come.

When the summer squash was in full boom.  I made this delicious saute with soy sauce, torpedo onions, white wine, and spicy chicken meatballs

This week’s farmer’s market trip provided many new temptations…

Now allI have to do is decide what to make this week with all my lovely farmer’s market finds.  What have you made with this year’s farmer’s market bounty?


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