The Pink Rose

September 5, 2011

Since I’ve been talking so much about my quest to get healthy, I thought I would share my workout schedule from this week:

Monday: 3 mile run + weight training

Tuesday: AM:30-40 minutes on elliptical (I don’t remember most of it because it was too early in the morning). PM: Boot camp style yoga class

Wednesday: 3 mileish run after work

Thursday: AM: 30 minutes of ellipitcal

Friday: Off

Saturday: 7 mile run planned in the morning!

Even though I’ve been working hard to stay healthy, Ben and I are still hitting the town every now and then and enjoying a meal out.  Most recently we decended upon the Pink Rose,a new restaurant that opened only a few blocks away.  In Portland, outside seating is a requirement for summer dining.  The Pink Rose features a large patio with big pink umbrellas.  After walking by a few different times on our way to the grocery store, we made the decision that we would try this place on our Saturday night out.  The night started with a Sangria for me and a pint of Mac and Jacks for Ben.

For our appetizer we ordered the mussels.
It took awhile for the drinks and the mussels to come, and when they did we still didn’t have place settings at the tables.  No harm though because the mussels were delicious, and extremely large!  For our main dishes, I ordered the smoked tomato rissotto and Ben had the roasted chicken thigh with fingerling potatoes.
Don’t get me wrong, the risotto was good, but the smoky flavor really overwhelmed the dish.  The dish included bits of home-pulled mozzarella with a sun dried tomato and mushroom garnish.  I would have really liked it if these flavors were expressed more prominently however, they were all downplayed by the smokiness of the dish.  Ben’s chicken was flat out disappointing.  There was nothing actually wrong with it, but it was plain and there wasn’t anything really special about the dish. It felt like it was something that I could have made at home myself.  I’m a pretty decent cook, but when I go out and pay for a meal I would like to get a product that really wows me.In hindsight, the best part of the meal was the mussels.  The wait staff even indulged us with another crostini to soak up the buttery white wine sauce.  Overall, the meal was kind of ho-hum.  The wait staff was very friendly, but a little disorganized and things weren’t moving very smoothly in and out of the kitchen.  The food was reasonably priced, but with so many other amazing options in Portland, I probably won’t come back here again.

Have you ever had a disappointing night out?


One Response to “The Pink Rose”

  1. cynthia Says:

    I can see it would be disappointing. I agree on always wanting a restaurant meal to be special. We all know your mom could have made that chicken (with little effort mind you) and yours would have been far better.

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